Trimble monitor gets a facelift


Client : Trimble transport & logistics
Product: V6
Launch : November 2015

The challenge

Design a new, contemporary look for a truck monitor.

Our solution
Cides designed the new design for this successful monitor. We defined the new look & feel in five key words: slim, distilled, compact, user-friendly and more modern. These terms
were the backbone through the sketch rounds. Finally, we came to a very contemporary design. 
Besides styling, functionality was also high on the priority list. The controls have been
rearranged so that they are user-friendly for truckers both left and right in the cab. Namely, Trimble is an international player and has many customers in the UK. In addition, the
connection with the two main connectors is also updated. These monitors are easier to reach, do not fall out and bump no longer against the dashboard. 
Thanks to this redesign, the V6 monitor can continue for many years. The onboard computer looks now as high-tech as the corresponding fleet management system.
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V6 - screen CA - renders - 150511-1.jpgV6 - screen CA - renders - 150511-4.jpgV6 - screen CA - renders - 150511-3.jpg