A box full of ingenuity

strategicConcept designEngineering

Client : Vergokan
Product: Range of floor boxes
Launch : 2014

The challenge

Thoroughly redesign a range of floor boxes.

Our solution

For this project Cides joined forces with the R&D department of Vergokan. This cooperation resulted in a considerable cut in the old range of products, which had been extended organically over the years: a multitude of solutions were offered for a multitude of different situations. By analysing and regrouping the functions, we obtained a modular range of products offering numerous possibilities. In the course of the design process the new concepts were systematically tested by the different stakeholders, enabling us to clearly map the advantages and disadvantages of different solutions. In order to have a clear insight into the intellectual property rights, IP specialists were also involved in the project. In addition to the technical aspects, the design of the floor boxes was updated as well. After having studied, devised and drawn the entire design, we set to work to present the result of our efforts to the outside world.

Within the context of this project Vergokan filed a patent application for a number of remarkable innovations.

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