Fleet XPS

Concept designEngineering

Client : Trimble transport & logistics
Product: Fleet XPS
Launch : 2014

The challenge

Design a mobile on-board computer with integrated camera and bar code scanner.

Our solution

The focus was on the end user for the development of this product. Cides accompanied Trimble's customers in order to fully understand and map their needs. Our observations were analysed and translated into a clear report. The conclusions of this report were then converted into a variety of designs made of polystyrene foam, which were presented to the end user. This enabled us to create a sound concept.

Subsequently, we developed this concept down to the smallest detail, which was one of the major challenges of this project. For instance, the on-board computer had to withstand a fall from a height of 1.20 m without suffering major damage. In addition, the product had to have an IP54 value, making it harder to guarantee optimal heat management.

The actual manufacturing of this product was not an easy feat, either. The on-board computer requires highly advanced technologies, but the purpose was to manufacture only a limited number. An affordable production process was therefore vital to the success of this project. We looked for and eventually found a suitable partner, specialised in the production of small product series.

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